If you're a manufacturer and are looking to increase sales, the way to do it is with good industrial marketing. However, it can be difficult to accomplish. It may even be difficult to formulate a marketing strategy. This is because industrial marketing is different than what you find in marketing for retail or other areas of business. There is, however, a powerful action you can take that is all but guaranteed to help. You can hire one or more sales representatives for your industry. The following are just a few things they can do for you. 

They may bring you new customers because of a complementary line card

This type of sales company will have a line card, selling several different types of products from different manufacturers, but most of these products will have a common industrial aspect to them. Because a representative is already selling one or more products from their line card to a particular company, there is a chance that you can get a new customer simply with a new listing on a line card. At the very least, your product may be considered as a second source to an existing competitor of yours.

You may be considered for new systems

Sales representatives have contacts with design engineers, so when new systems are in the process of being developed or upgraded, your components or materials may be considered. A new system may mean a long production run that can last several years. The chances of getting involved at the beginning stages of a design are greatly enhanced by sales representation at the local level. Often, industrial sales representatives will have periodic phone calls with design engineers concerning new requirements. If your company does custom designs, there is an even better chance you can be a part of future design considerations.

Independent sales representatives enhance advertising campaigns

Although you are likely to have an inside sales force, having local sales representation across the country can be advantageous. You can advertise in industry publications, and when a potential customer, such as a buyer or engineer, inquires about a product, your inside sales personnel can speak to them. However, when the time comes for samples or a quotation, you can get your local sales representatives involved. Having a salesperson who is face-to-face with someone who has the power to issue a purchase order, or who can approve components or materials, adds a personal element that cannot be achieved by phone.

Sales representatives are among the most important aspects of industrial marketing. This type of sales company can help your sales simply with a listing on their line card. But they can also help you get approved for new designs and complement advertising in industry publications. 

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