As you market model homes and seek out potential buyers, one of the key model home advertising products is a printed brochure. Whether you mail potential buyers information, hold open houses, or feature brochures in your office, the printed materials can really help draw interest to homes.

As you plan out a brochure, learn about three key elements to look for, and ways to help model home features stand out.

1. Floor Plans

Look at pictures of a home can only do a house so much justice. As potential buyers browse a home, it can be hard to visualize how rooms connect and what the overall flow of a home showcases. With printed floor plans, you can provide a direct map and layout of the home.

Detailed floor plans will include labels for each room and the various levels of the house. Some model homes have different layout options, giving you the chance to compare the floor plans on multiple pages and showcasing all the possibilities for various homes.

Some of the floor plan designs may also include exterior layouts if a home includes sheds, swimming pools, or detached garages.

2. Simulated Pictures

Showcasing a house with empty rooms and bare walls can make it hard to feature the potential of a home. When planning model home advertising promotions, you should consider adding a little life to images through photo editing. For example, if the kitchen is bare, then you can digitally add appliances like refrigerators and ovens.

Even small details matter. Add pieces of art to the walls, or a television in the living room. The addition of extra elements will really help potential buyers visualize the area and see the potential for different rooms and living spaces.

3. Scannable Barcodes

Offer ways to create more interaction with printed brochures with interactive barcodes. Using interactive barcodes allows you to connect directly to picture galleries, video clips, or online listings of a home.

Some of the more advanced scan codes give a direct connection to a real estate agent through SMS texting. The agent can answer any questions and provide more detailed information. The expanded content offers a digital extension of the brochure and provides more ways for people to see the home.

Direct video links and picture galleries make it easier so a person doesn't have to navigate through a whole website and can find the specific listing they seek.

Use all of these elements to create a brochure that really stands out and can help increase the sales of homes. Model home advertising products can positively benefit you if you are marketing homes.