As a CPA, it is important that you reach the clients that need your services, even if they don't realize that they need them until they find you. Your firm's marketing efforts are a key component of this. If you are looking to launch a new marketing campaign, there are a lot of things that you need to think about. Here are some things to consider as you start to plan out your marketing efforts for the coming months and beyond.

Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Social media platforms are key for marketing smaller and targeted businesses. Take time to make sure all of your social media profiles are clearly up to date with contact information, including your website address and a phone number.

Spend time every day building your online reputation by interacting with others, offering feedback, and answering questions. The more active, helpful, and respectful you are, the stronger your reputation will become and the more customers you will be likely to draw in.

Create An Email Newsletter

Sending out a regular email newsletter, whether it is weekly or monthly, will help you to keep your firm in the forefront of your prospective clients' minds. Creating newsletters and email lists can be a lot of work and may be challenging, so you might want to hire a CPA email newsletter provider to help you with this.

Create a sales funnel that gathers email addresses from website and social media profile visitors. That way, you can use those email addresses to create your mailing list. The more email addresses you can get, the more visible your business will be.

Draft newsletters that provide helpful, concrete, detailed information for potential clients. Show them that you know what you're talking about by offering practical tips and actionable information. The more helpful your newsletters, the more likely your email recipients will be to open and read the emails when they come in.

Improve Your Company Search Ranking

Take time to research and understand the latest search engine ranking requirements and put that information into practice to improve your website's search engine rankings. That way, your site shows up higher in the search results when people are looking for your type of business or information that you have shared on your site. It may even be worth hiring a search engine optimization expert, as this is a marketing investment that will have long-term returns as you become more compliant with the search engine requirements.