Opening a marijuana dispensary has many unique challenges. One of these is what you will do for branding and advertising. Being smart when approaching these issues will allow you to attract clients while advertising your dispensary in an appropriate manner.

Hire A Specialized Agency

The branding and marketing for your dispensary should be done by a specialized agency. Since marijuana has legal status for recreational and/or medical use in some states but it is still illegal at the federal level, you will have to walk a narrow path with branding. An agency that specializes in working with marijuana dispensaries will know the limitations and help you avoid any ramifications that could compromise your license. The agency can also propose other ideas to increase visibility of your business, such as a website, app, or informative content, all of which will be useful for people considering your dispensary over other options.

Create A Stand-Out Logo

Your logo should speak for itself and easily signify your business as a marijuana dispensary. A classic approach will be to incorporate a marijuana leaf into your design. Depending on the vibe of your business, you may want the leaf to look realistic or adopt a stylized design. Another great feature will be to include the symbol for medicine if your dispensary is geared toward medicinal marijuana. If adopting the medical symbol into your design, it is important to use the appropriate one. The one many people associate with medicine, a winged rod with two intertwined snakes, is actually erroneous. Use a bare rod with a single snake wrapped around. To integrate marijuana into this design, you might choose to use a vine with marijuana leaves wrapped around the rod instead of the snake.

Utilize Online Advertising

Since there are limitation in how you can advertise a marijuana dispensary, the Internet may be your best marketing tool. In addition to creating an informative website for your dispensary, you will want to be certain your business listing is viable and updated. Encourage clients to leave reviews and respond to these reviews to increase visibility of your business. Online advertising has another benefit, which is the ability to show ads based on an IP address. Since you are limited to marketing in your own state and possibly other states where marijuana has a similar legal status, you will want your ads visible only to these people.

Although branding and marketing of your dispensary can be harder than other businesses, you can stand out among other dispensaries in the area. An attractive logo and smart online ads can be used to attract clients to your business. For more information, talk to marijuana branding agency.