Many businesses spend a fortune on adverts and other forms of marketing, hoping to attract customers to their establishment. However, many businesses don't put as much effort into their signs, and as a result, they fail to take advantage of one of the best ways of marketing a business.

Business signs are still an important component of any brick-and-mortar business. As long as you expect customers to walk into your business, getting your sign right can still be an excellent way to boost your business.

Why Do Signs Work So Well?

One of the main reasons why signs work so well is their positioning. Business signs are usually placed next to or within a certain distance from the business. Unlike a newspaper advert which might be telling customers about a business that's hundreds of miles away, a business sign tells potential customers about a business that's near them.

Therefore, it could be said that business signs are more relevant to the immediate needs of the people who see it.

Additionally, business signs don't just tell the customers about the existence of the business; they can also be used to direct customers to the business. Why would a night traveler struggle to find a hotel on a map when there is a sign directing them to suitable accommodations right in front of them?

Getting the Best From Your Business Signs

Although business signs have the potential of being a great local marketing service for your business, this will also depend on the execution. Customers can walk or drive past tens or hundreds of business signs every day. Some of these signs might be for businesses that offer similar services to yours. Unless your sign stands out in the right way, it may not be very effective.

Some of the important components that will make your sign stand out are:

  • Color

  • Graphics

  • Readability through contrast

  • Size (of sign and text)

Balancing these components is essential in coming up with a sign that will stand out enough for a passing customer to take notice.

Work With Professionals

Although you know the message you'd like to put across about your business, you may not know how to do this on a sign. Hiring an expert on custom signs can save you from making a costly mistake. Professionals have enough experience to know what works and can help you to produce a business sign that will be very effective.

Consult a local marketing services expert for tips on how to employ signs and other tactics to try to get customers right in your location.