Launching a new venture now means planning for the online personality just as much as the physical personality of your products and services. Several billions of people are connected to the internet and many are involved in online social media platforms. This means if you want to advertise and launch, you will need to plan out your social media face carefully.

A branding consultant is the first professional that you need to see before launching online to make sure that your brand remains on trend and rises to the top of your talent field. Here are three questions you should ask a branding consultant before you launch your new business on social media. 

High and low competition

Though you may be tempted to shoot for the stars and take the lead over a huge company, every new company must pace themselves. In order to determine how you are doing, it is a good idea to figure out who your direct competition is, versus who you inspire to be. A branding consultant can let you know those who are in starting the competition with you so you can notate what your company will need to do to gain customers and stand out. Once you begin to become more popular, you can keep your eye on your high-level competition, which is the most popular or most profitable brand that is similar to yours. 

Expectation for followers

Starting off on social media, you may not be able to get a high number of followers right away. Talk about expected growth with your branding consultant. The consultant can let you know what your monthly social media following should look like and how it may be impacted by holidays and other ongoings. If you want to fast track your growth, your branding consultant can help you come up with tactics such as give aways and loss leader sales to grow.

Who influencers should not be 

Influencers are often how many companies advertise via social media. If you plan to have popular social media personalities grow your business, you should get the advice of your branding consultant from companies like Articulated Brands on what your prime consumer is like and the influencers that you should use. Along with the influencers to start a business relationship with, you should also ask for consumers who are not a good match for your business. This will save you money and time from a potentially costly mistake.