For companies seeking a flexible, unique, and effective marketing solution, bicycle billboards are a great advertising choice. Here's a look at three benefits that make bicycle billboards stand out from other marketing mediums.

Bicycle Billboards Are Mobile

Few other advertising mediums offer the level of mobility that bicycle billboards do. Bicycle billboards can:

  • Go anywhere a bike is able to go (including places cars can't go).
  • Canvas large areas quickly (much faster than people are able to by walking).
  • Be easily transported from city to city (which physical billboards cannot be).

Thanks to bicycle billboards' mobility, businesses are able to put their advertisements more directly in front of their target demographic. Wherever potential customers are, a bicycle billboard can be sent to advertise to them. It can be sent to different parts of town on different days, taken to festivals in different cities, or even quickly deployed when a flash mob forms.

Bicycle Billboards Are Green

Bicycle billboards are moved by bike, which makes them one of the greenest forms of street advertising available. Taking them throughout a neighborhood or city requires no more fuel than a bottle of water and meal to provide the biker with energy.

Using a green advertising medium like this has two main benefits for businesses. First, companies can position themselves as forward-thinking and environmentally conscious businesses. For some customers, this is a major selling point. Second, companies are able to save money because they don't have to pay for a car's fuel.

Bikers Can Meet with Interested Potential Customers

When potential customers express interest in a product or service advertised on a bicycle billboard, bikers can immediately engage the potential customers. Bikers moving these billboards around can dismount and have a conversation. At the very least, such conversations help generate a positive vibe for a company. In many cases, they can be used to hand out samples or coupons that lead to sales.

Few other advertising mediums provide the same level of quick engagement with potential customers. Most leave it up to the potential customer to take the next step—they must click a digital ad, call about a product, or purchase something in a store.

With bicycle billboards, however, the company or its advertising agency remains in control of the sales funnel and can naturally lead customers to the next stage. Thanks to the higher engagement rates, companies frequently see excellent returns on investment with bicycle billboards.

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