Looking to have some company swag made so that your clients don't forget about you? Everyone loves free stuff, and branded swag can be an effective way to get your brand's name in the face of your potential customers. Here are some ideas for things you can put your logo on for corporate gifts.


If you had to pick just one kind of swag gift to make, a customized bag is going to be the best way to do it. It is becoming more common for people to take their own bags to the store instead of using the disposable plastic or paper bags that are offered, and your bag can make its way into their reusable bag collection. Cities like Chicago are now charging customers per each plastic bag used, which is a motivating factor for people to use reusable bags.

A customized bag can also give you the most bang for the buck when it comes to effective spending. Every $1 spent on promotional bags can give your company 1,000 impressions. These are meaningful impressions that you will not be able to replicate with traditional advertising like billboards, newspapers, and radio spots.

Writing Utensils

Everyone uses pens or pencils on a daily basis, so it just makes sense to put your logo on writing utensils for promotional corporate gifts. These are the types of gifts that are going to stay on a client's desk and remind you of them for about 7 months before they are discarded. Until then, your potential customers will see your logo on a daily basis with one of your writing utensils.


A calendar can make a lasting impression if you select the right timing for when you give it. If you can get a customized calendar into a client's hands before they purchase their next calendar, your calendar can be displayed for up to a full year.

There is a risk that these types of gifts can be given away to others though. A 2013 study found that 63% of promotional swag is given away if there is no need for it. You could end up unintentionally giving that swag away to somebody that you did not intend to receive it, so be sure to give away a promotional calendar well before the start of the next year.


Hats, hoodies, and t-shirts make great corporate gifts that turn the recipient into a walking billboard. Even if your potential client is only wearing the clothing when going to the gym, they will see your logo and be reminded of your company. Customized clothing can make as many as 3,000 impressions on average before the item is discarded.