Inbound marketing is critical for increasing your online presence and turning visitors into customers. There are ways to improve your inbound marketing approach and achieve a successful business.

Increase Visibility

There are several methods you need to use in order to increase your visibility online. The first step for most businesses is to have a fully-functioning website. Depending on the type of business, your website may be simple and give information to visitors about your purpose and any services you offer. This approach is best for businesses that have a brick-and-mortar location and do not need to sell online, but need to bring awareness to their business, such as most restaurants or doctor's offices. If your business is strictly online or also sells a product or service online and in-store, your website needs an extensive store to make it easy for visitors to become customers. Once your website has launched, being active on social media is also necessary. Start with Facebook and build a following by making a business page and regularly posting content and interacting with visitors.

Use Conversion Tactics

You should have the goal of turning visitors into customers. One method of gathering more information from visitors is capturing their email so you have a method of contact and to attract them with "soft sell" techniques. Most visitors will not readily give you their email, so you need to give them something in return. If you sell food or merchandise, offer an exclusive discount if a visitor signs up for your newsletter. Businesses that are selling information, such as those in the health, marketing, or financial niches, typically gain emails by offering free information. This usually takes the form of exclusive information, such as a relevant e-book. If your main goal is to sell an online course or e-book, your "freebie" could be a condensed version of what you are trying to sell. This way, people who give you their email can have a sample of the information they can purchase.

Find Out What Is Working

Analyzing your marketing approach is important to determine what is working and how you can make improvements. Use free or paid services for website and social media analytics. Most people utilize Google Analytics to help formulate keywords for their website and determine how visitors are arriving at their website. You might notice you have little traffic from organic searches, which could lead you to make changes to the keywords you target. Additionally, if you have multiple areas on your website where visitors can opt-in to your content by giving you their email, you can use software to determine which of these email capture areas are working. For example, certain locations on your website will perform better to capture emails. Usually email capture forms on the bottom of your website perform poorly because visitors may not notice them.

Although attracting visitors to your website and social media platforms is important, if you are running a business, you need to turn them into paying customers. Using solid inbound marketing approaches can help you achieve a profitable business. Consider investing in video marketing and social media promotion training for more help.