With an estimated 69% of American adults using social media platforms on a daily basis, social media has become an important battleground for companies hoping to increase brand awareness. If you are using social media to promote your company's goods and services, it's important that you are able to measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns in order to tweak these marketing messages to maximize exposure.

Here are three simple things that you can do to measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts in the future.

1. Track the number of times your social media posts are shared.

Social media platforms allow your company to take advantage of a high-tech form of word-of-mouth advertising. The idea behind social media platforms is that these sites allow users to post and share with their friends and followers.

In order to ensure that you are creating social media content that is powerful and engaging, you need to measure the number of times your followers and friends share your company's posts. More shares mean a higher level of engagement and more exposure for your company. If you aren't getting as many shares as you would like, you may need to work on creating more engaging content for your social media posts in the future.

2. Track the number of new friends and followers you attract.

Social media provides a great platform for marketing your company's goods and services because your friends and followers represent a captive audience. In order to ensure that your marketing and advertising messages are reaching as many potential buyers as possible, you need to constantly grow your social media audience.

You should be tracking the number of new friends and followers your social media accounts attract each day. If you aren't growing your audience quickly enough, you can try running a referral campaign that rewards your existing followers and friends for getting their social media audiences to like your company's accounts.

3. Identify when your friends and followers are most active.

To maximize the effectiveness of your social media campaign, you want to ensure that you are posting information when your friends and followers are online. This increases the likelihood that your audience will see your company's message, read through it, and share with their own friends and followers.

You can track the number of likes and shares you get by the hour to determine when the majority of your audience is online, then time your social media posts to be published during these most active time periods.

Being able to measure your social media impact will allow your company to create more effective social media marketing strategies in the future. For more information, consider contacting companies like DiscoverText.