Developing a solid business strategy can really help increase sales. According to the Harvard Business Review, most companies only realize approximately 40% to 60% of the potential value of their business strategy. To further increase the value of your business strategy, spend a little more time fostering customer engagement. The goal is to build a strong relationship with your customers so that they trust your business and are, as a result, loyal. This article will touch up on 3 strategic activation techniques that have been known to foster customer engagement.

Surprise and Delight Your Customers on Social Media

In today's day and age, reaching out to your customers has never been easier thanks to the reach of social media. Don't take the effect of social media lightly, as studies have shown that social media affects the purchasing decision of approximately 75% of all customers. Keep your customers on their toes by surprising and delighting them on social media by sharing photos or posting statuses. The goal is to connect with your customers to build a community of loyal customers.

Make sure your posts are relevant and humorous to grab the attention of the internet. In addition, you want to make timely posts that respond to your customer's inquiries or to current events. In short, keep your social media accounts updated and your business will continue to stay in the limelight.

Deliver Detailed Product Knowledge and Tips with High Quality Content

High quality content has also become key in fostering customer engagement, as most customers take their research on various products online. High quality content will not only address common questions that many customers may have on certain product specifications or on how to use a product, but will also give detailed information that helps to build your business' reputation. Your customers will feel like they are connecting with your business on a more personal level. You also want to demonstrate through the content that you are an expert on the products and services that your business offers. High quality content is also a good way for fostering trust.

Having high quality content also boosts the rankings of your website on search engines for certain keywords. This marketing technique is known as search engine optimization, and websites that are ranked well will generally get more visitors. 72% of marketers consider having high quality content as the most effective search engine optimization technique.

Include Your Customers When Celebrating the Good Times

Make your business about your customers by including them in celebrations. This way, they will feel more connected to your business by experiencing the same joy through reaching certain milestones and achievements. For example, you might want to consider having a sale or a promotional event on the anniversaries of when your business first started or if a certain amount of products have been sold. The goal is to create an experience for your customers to enjoy.

There are many different ways that you can celebrate the good times. Consider hosting events for your customers to participate in, designing mobile game apps or an interactive online platform where customers can earn rewards or offering promotional offers that are too good to miss.  


By engaging with your customers, your business will stay in limelight. You'll build a community of loyal customers that will continue to return to your business time and time again and get the most out of your business strategy to maximize your revenue through increased sales. There are plenty of additional ways that you can foster engagement and trust with your customers, so talk with strategy execution companies, such as XPlane, for more information. Remember to take note of what works for your business and your customers for optimal results.